Brides and Brew

This month has been one of transitions. Some were major- sent the babygirl to USAF boot camp. While others left, less ceremoniously.   I had some issues with my back, which forced me to be a little more active…Yeah more workouts.  I’ve been listening to more “ol skool” in the evenings and  I’ve enjoyed the brews that I’ve picked as a result of that.  So, I’ve  penned the emotions. Heeerrrreeee we go….

The Beat

‘Just Like You’ The Brides of Funkenstein 

Nine minutes, eleven seconds of pure funk ballad. That’s the initial effect of The Brides’ (Lynn Mabry and Dawn Silva),seemingly overlooked cut off of their 1978 debut Album ‘Funk or Walk’.  Penned by Mabry and Parliament council George Clinton and Gary Shider,  “Just Like You” is a funky, melodic, and sultry serenade worthy of closed eyes, head nods, and appreciative frowns.  From the first note, Mabrys’ melodious expression to a friend turned lover that he is indeed peerless, barters with airy elaboration from Silva.

The track is pure Parliament, following funk rule #1 : “on the one.”   The bass ushers the vocals through the chorus and anchors the experience until the fade nearly 10 minutes after pressing play.  Unfortunately The Brides run at Atlantic Records was only two albums.  More daunting is that there’s only one ballad per album.  Good brew works so well with the cut but, so do candles and bubble bath water.

The Brew

Anchor Porter , Anchor Brewing 5.6% Porter

Because of its San Francisco origin, I’m biased toward everything Anchor Brewing puts out.  I still believe that in a blindfolded taste test of several top porters, I’d pick Anchor on its taste merits alone.  If the desired taste is roasted malt, this brew is a champion of that flavor.  If Anchor Porter has been described 100 times then, 99 times it has been portrayed as “smooth.”

This is a beer that I can’t drink out of the bottle. It’s a disservice, it pours well and sits in a glass exhibiting a gorgeous ebony complexion with a solid creamy head.  It starts with a chocolate-y aroma and is surprisingly less bitter than expected.  The finish is, well, here comes that word again…”smooth.”  At 5.6% abv it’s not a knock-you-out-quick brew, but be careful, a sneaky buzz effect can occur before you know it. Great brew.

Al. B!



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