Initially this blog was supposed to be featured in another publication… I can tell you how long ago, the ‘beat’ was Jazmine Sullivan’s cd,yup. A little context first, I love beer… love it. You won’t find me sipping on the brews that flood the commercial breaks on any given Sunday. To say that I ONLY drink craft beer would be a stretch but, that is the bulk of my consumption.

Obviously, I love music too, many genres, some I just don’t do, some I can’t get enough of. Beats & Brews, is my chronicle of my experiences of both. Sometimes it’s fresh, sometimes it’s olskool, could be one song or an entire album. All those letters prior to this just mean, there won’t be any Budweiser and Country music pairings OR Coors meets Southern Soul writings. Ok, let’s get to it.

The Beat

‘Ecstacy’ The Ohio Players

The Ohio Players were less than a household name in 1973 recording on the Detroit label Westbound, pre Mercury days.  ‘Ecstacy’ probably served as an audition of sorts for Walter ‘Junie’ Morrison as this would be the title track for his last album with the band.  ‘Ecstacy’ absolutely  showcases the heavy bottom and horn combo that the band  has become famous for.

The minimalist lyrical content is boldly delivered and accompanied by Morrison’s funk-filled music arrangement.  The mid tempo cut spotlights a love struck crooner professing devotion to his lover.  Just enough cosigning from the background will leave the listener longing for more than the 2:29 that’s found on the album version.  I’m not the only fan, this cut was sampled by Jay Z, A Tribe Called Quest, Donell Jones and others.  I suggest listening with the volume almost pegged.

The Brew
‘Sunshine’ New Belgium  4.8% abv  Wheat Beer

New Belgium, one of the major players in the craft beer game delivers a generously hoppy wheat brew here.   It says ‘Wheat Beer’ right on the label but, that is such an understatement that it took me a while to try this.  Immediatley you get a fresh citrusy aroma and the beer pours with a crispness and a solid head.  A very herbal hop aroma and taste hit you right away and the finish is the slight bitterness that you’d expect from a light IPA however, the bready malt feel leave no doubt about it’s Belgian stylings.  This is a good brew, at least a 7.5  on a 10 scale and, with a below 5 abv, one can enjoy a few without buzzguilt.

Al. B!



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