My Fellow Americans

America, we’re at the end of another week where the truth hurts.  This is hardly a space to express the pain or debate the causes.  Two things the country has produced marvelously are, beer and music.  I look to both for solace, lemme show you…..

The Beat


American Privilege – Allen Stone

I was introduced to Allen Stone by a youthful paramour.  She was eager to share songs off of his 2011 self titled release on ATO Records.  I was instantly a fan, but it’s this cut off of his 2015 album “Radius” that summoned my immediate attention. In his Billboard Magazine bio, Stone describes himself as a ‘hippie with soul’, “American Privilege” certainly adheres to that formula.

Fading in with the chorus ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’, this song is a soulful indictment of America’s unquenchable thirst for material possessions at any cost.  Stones’ guitar and stirring tenor illustrate Americas’ indifference to the advantage of growing up in a two parent household and, overseas child labor for the sake of cheap goods.  At one point, Stone goes so far as to channel rapper Kendrick Lamar “bitch don’t kill my vibe” to display his disregard for the subjects.

If the Grammys have a category for most sincere lyrics, Stone is owed hardware for this one.

The Brew


New Belgium Brewing – Rampant 8.5% Double IPA

Rampant is NBBs’ Imperial or Double (Americanized) IPA offering.  If bitter and hoppy are your thing, this brew gives it all up.  Rampant pours golden carbonated goodness with a thick frothy head.  Aromatic, fresh citrus and hops hit the nose instantly, a slight grassy scent can be detected as well.  Fans of IPAs will find a satisfying amount of bitterness accompanied by a malty finish.  Rampant is a great cookout IPA as it compliments burgers and such nicely.  At 8.5% abv , this brew always delivers a buzz.

Al. B!


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