10 Nov 1775

Good morning!! It’s been a long time…. I shouldn’t have left you…ok, ok..just good morning.  Today, 10 November  every former and present United States Marine is celebrating the 245th bday of our beloved Corps.  I don’t know the birthday of any of the sister services but, I’ve know this one for…life maybe?  I’m a second generation Marine, my mother served.   I remember back in elementary school, a common dis was ‘your mama wears combat boots’, it was a true statement for me so, that one never hurt.  I’m sure I’ve told the story on the air but, initially, I was going to the Air Force.  I had a plan, I’d already talked to the recruiters, already taken the ASVAB (Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery, we’ll discuss this one day), all I needed was moms’ consent to get a jump and enter the delayed entry program.  I left the recruiters office in San Mateo, CA went straight home to tell Mom that I had a post high school plan.  The conversation wasn’t bad, she was down but, I could tell….’Air Force?! hmmph!’  Nah, Mom didn’t say anything but really, do mothers ever HAVE to say anything?!  I don’t remember the Air Force recruiters name, just the look on his face the next day when I walked past his office to meet Sgt. Muchado U.S.M.C.  down the hall…my Marine recruiter. It was all good, glad I made the decision, saw the world, met life long friends, got $$$ for college, learned a lot about myself…yup.  This morning I’m saying ‘Happy Birthday’ Marines, Leathernecks, Jarheads, Grunts, Warriors, Devil Dogs, Gyrenes, whichever of the nicknames you love the most, apply it.  I’ll forever be USMC.   Every Marine has their own story, if you see one today, I promise he or she will be more than happy to share it with you.

Semper Fidelis!!!


Al. B!