13 days Til Christmas

Most that know me already know, I start Christmas in October! but with only 13 days til Christmas Eve, I’m still in a frenzied state of mind! Did I get everyone something? Did I put up enough decorations? Is Franky my doggy going to like his gift? You Know important questions like these. I don’t mean to cause a panic in your life. But, these are the final days until the fat Man in the Red suit makes his yearly visit. Yes, I do believe in Santa Clause. I’m an Elf after all! Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to send me Christmas Cards. I cherish and enjoy them all.  Your cards are on the way. Finally, What is Donny getting me for Christmas? Perhaps this is the most pressing question on my list! Please pause and enjoy the season and be kind to someone for no reason at all. Merry Christmas!



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