four Gasoline pump

Good morning!!  Hope your looong weekend was a great one!  Are you still a little full?  Speaking of full, something that I never expected to see again is a reality!!! Gas prices have dipped below 2 bucks!!  How low will they go?!  I’m not trying to jinx things so, I’m not going to say much but, I’m going for a loooong drive!!  I guess now starts the drive to Christmas, I’m not opposed to it at this stage in the year.    So….I guess you can request your Xmas jayum today….going forward….bah humbug!!  Just kidding, kinda.  Oh yeah, today is Cyber Monday…so, make sure the KDKS website is up while you’re shopping so you can switch windows when the boss comes around.   Please be careful when using that credit/debit card online…you know why.  Have the dopest of Mondays…see you on the air!!!  Pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup.



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