Good morning!!  Hope the weekend was dope.  Barry came through but, didn’t say much or, stay long…all good.  If you’re a shopper, it’s your day, Amazon Prime Day.  I have friends that look forward to this like it’s a holiday.  Wait, is it a holiday?  Nope, I’m here at work, absolutely not a holiday.  Ok, I’ve been told the site has already crashed, if I remember correctly it did last year as well.  I’m out, I have a belated bday gift to grab then, I’m done!  Is it me or does EVERYTHING seem to cost all of your money….not just more but ALL of your money!! My plan was to share some of the Amazon ‘deals’ with me but, as I said…at the time of this writing, the site is down….and they aren’t paying me anyway so…eh.  As the remains of Barry move out, looking forward to Friday, so far looks great!  Partly cloudy and warm is the forecast for #Socialsessions!! You get your tix yet?   The photo, a friend from Detroit wanted me to see how much crawfish cost there.  Would you eat them at that price? I’m done… pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup.

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