Good morning!! Hope your Monday (and Mothers Day) were great. Well, it begins this weekend…it seems Phase 1 is about to kick off.  Are you excited?!  I think this part is like when your flight lands.  The flight attendant gets on the p/a and says ‘please stay remain seated, with your seat belt fastened until the aircraft comes to a complete stop. We’re in that ‘taxi mode.’ Just like that situation, we have to restrain ourselves, not get ahead of ourselves…we don’t want to be THAT GUY, the one that’s already reaching over people to get his bags out of the overhead bins when there’s at least 5 minutes of taxiing to go.  Wash your hands!  Wear the mask!  Distance!! I know, I’m no health official but, there seems to be a common sense factor (and really, it’s easy to look at other places) on handling this. We’ll be there, make sure you’re listening and, check the website for the latest information….of course, you can dial 211.  Pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup.


Celeb bdays include  Norman Whitfield and Greg Phillinganes