Traffic rain

Good morning!  I hope you got a chance to roll to work w/ the windows down before the rain started….that natures A/C felt good.  I think I made it halfway through the Trayvon Martin Story before I had to tap out.  It was a bit too much for me, I recorded it so, maybe I’ll try again later.  I absolutely doubled down on my refusal to watch, like, support or even mention that professional sports association that starts playing soon.  I can’t.  I need new playlist material, dropped one in a 24 hour purge, what’s on yours?  You’re gonna have a great day, I feel it.  Anyway, Tuesday…let’s do it.  Tomorrow we start the countdown to ‘Social Sessions III’ it’s a trilogy Yo!  Let me know your Jayum  320 1021 or slide in the DMs, I gotchoo.



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