App Experience #BurgerKing

Good morning, my ride to work had my head in a lot of places today.  If there’s a shrink reading these, let me know if I need help  how much help I need.  Until I get that call y’all, I’m going to keep airing it out in this space.  I’m still on my  App Experiences and yesterday I hit the BK Lounge for lunch so, I grabbed the app from The Play Store.

Download and set up is pretty standard, creating a profile gets you reward points too.  It seems these apps are more useful if you have your location toggled on, Burger King is no different.   Set up is really quick, did it in the parking lot.  I like the fact that Gpay is an option so, I didn’t have to pull out my debit card.  After set up, the app greeted me and  showed me the specials that were available at the closest store….again, I was in the parking lot.   Ordering was easy and there were plenty of customization options so, even on the app you can have it your way. Reward points are earned 10 per dollar spent and doesn’t look like you have to accumulate too many to have a redeemable amount.

Here’s where I feel it’s a let down.  I have to say that I did NOT attempt to get my order from the drive thru.  There are no special stalls for mobile orders like some other restaurants.  You have to go inside the store…..and wait in line.  I think that step takes all the convenience out of  ordering from the app.  I know, it’s just my opinion.  When I got to the counter, I told the cashier that I was there to pick up my mobile order.  The look of complete confusion came over her face as she turned for assistance.  After a few seconds, and with help one of the crew members found a bag that already had the seal sticker on it and handed it to me.  My restored confidence was short lived as I heard ‘hey, whose burger is this?’  They asked for my bag, broke my seal and dropped the burger in my bag and handed it back to me.  Very friendly and professional I must say.

That last act made me suspicious of the accuracy of my order.  I checked the receipt and the items in my bag, all good.  I checked the burger to make sure there weren’t any pickles, all good.  Given the time from making the order to getting back in my car remember, I had to stand in line first, I’d say some of the convenience of using a mobile app was diminished.  It seems the only thing I really skipped was talking to a person, sometimes that’s the most rewarding experience of a trip to BK or any spot.

Overall, the ease of set up and payment options on this app were great, just doesn’t seem all that convinient after placing the order.

Let’s do Tuesday.