App Experience #moes

Good morning!!  Are we feeling the officialness of summer post Memorial Day?  I had a great time at Mudbug Madness, shout out to that crew for a great event.  I took a break from the fast food joints to enjoy the local cuisine for a few but, it’s time to get back to reviewing these apps so you don’t have to.  Shout out to Renee for recommending Moe’s Southwester Grill.  Bee Tee Dubs, if you have an app that you want me to review, just slide into the DMs @albjam Twitter or The Gram and I got you!

I get homesick a lot.  Nothing says Bay Area like a fat steak burrito.  Needless to say I had really high hopes for Moes app since that has been the closest to an authentic Bay Burrito that I can find around here. So, the download and set up were easy enough.  I created a profile, first strike, no option to use Gpay or any secondary pay app.  You have to add a CC/Debit.  Why aren’t more apps utilizing Gpay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay?! Anyway, I’ve committed to this so I’m pushing on.

Ordering is pretty simple, plenty of customization options.  The instructions are pretty clear and the process didn’t take long.  I ordered while sitting in the parking lot.  Just about everything up to this point was really smooth.  At this particular store, there wasn’t the option for curbside but, according to the app I’d see a designated spot for mobile orders, my name would be on my bag.  That seemed easy enough.  Yeah, things got confusing here.  I didn’t see the spot at first so, I had to ask for assistance.  The designated spot is a couple of shelves at the rear of the store, I saw others waiting so, I grabbed a seat.  I watched as person after person that went through the line AFTER I placed my order on the app, leaving the store with their orders.

Fortunately  when my order FINALLY arrived in the designated spot, it was hot and accurate.  I made a few specific changes and they were correct.  That was good.  I’m left with the belief that it’s definitely faster going through the line.  I can’t really complain about the convenience, had I know where the pick up spot was, I would’ve had a completely contact less visit.  I really wanted this to go well, I like Moe’s.  I’m not saying it was bad, it just left a bit to be desired.


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