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  1. What’s good?  Another day, another mobile app experience.  I’ve stayed true to my word thus far, if the eatery has an app, I’ve used it to order, here’s the space I’m using to share the experience with you.  I’m starting to think the time of day is significant enough to mention, my afternoon experiences have been a lot different from my morning and evening experiences. This particular afternoon, I was ready for a run to the border.   It went like this:

The set up was simple, downloaded from The Play Store(also available at The Apple App Store), sign up was just a few questions and creating a quick profile.  This app doesn’t ask for a credit/debit card so, that’s a plus.  The notification settings are toggles, you can turn email/text notifications off and everything can come in push notifications. I prefer that but, you can set up either. According to the website reward points are earned at a rate of 10 per dollar spent t and , there are levels.  Some are supposedly only for app users.

The customization features of the app are hella tight.  The convenience of customizing my steak burrito then, saving it as a feature felt like it added a few days to my life.  Ok, that’s a stretch but, if like me, you’re very specific about how you like your Taco Bell order, this feature knocks.  This and the ability to use GPay may actually lead me to visit Taco Bell more often.  There’s also tracking on the app, I don’t know why it’s necessary but, I actually watch the progress of my order so, there’s that.

The store I visited didn’t have pick up parking so, I went to the drive through, told them I was there to pick up my mobile order.  I was told to look at the screen and verify that my order was correct, it was.   When I pulled forward, I expected a little bit of a wait since they were confirming the accuracy, to my surprise, when I stopped at the window, I was handed my order.  At my destination, I double checked the accuracy and it was perfect down to the amount of Diablo Sauce packets I asked for.

Taco Bell has this thing figured out, the store I went to didn’t have puck up lanes and, if I have a complaint, that’s it.  I haven’t come across an app that goes as deep as TB with the customization, not fast food anyway.  My order was small but, according to their rewards schedule, I’ll be eligible for SOMETHING the next time I order using the app.  If I had a rating system, Taco Bell would get hella stars.

Al. B!

PS  if there’s an app you want me to review, slide in the dms on the stations social media or @albjam on Twitter and The Gram.

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