Good Monday Morning!! Hope your weekend was dope.  Shout out to everyone going to work today and making life a little more normal like, I’ll never be able to thank you enough.  Be sure to take all of the precautions, make sure your PPE is in tact and worn correctly.  Good morning medical and support staff, I think of you daily.  I spent my weekend watching ‘Unsung’, I think I’ve seen every episode, and for good measure, I watched ‘Boomerang’ again, tried to be responsible and cook more and, working out… I’ll give myself a C+.

Easter Sunday Morning brought us a familiar vibe…. tornado warnings!!! I hope you and yours made it through ok.  It’s like you can be a meteorologist every year on Easter…didn’t you KNOW it was going to be cold this morning?  Let’s predict next weeks weather, 80s at least?  That lasts until…. LA State Fair?  How’d I do?

Just a reminder, hourly covid-19 updates on the air, wash your hands, have the dopest of Mondays!!