Good morning!  Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start.  I just heard some of the most disrespectful bull that our fellow citizens are taking part in.  It’s called ‘The Tipping Game’ and it’s some insulting ish.  You can read about it here .  This is how it works, Jerk and company sit down to dine, and place five singles on the table.  The just doing their job server more than likely asks for their drink orders, gives them menus, lists the daily specials….you know…server stuff.  From that point, Jerk and company deduct 1 dollar for every ‘mistake’ the server makes.  I’ve never worked in the food service industry but, this sounds like some “I’m better than you” bull….like, who comes up with this stuff?!  Today, while you’re out doin’ the Taco Tuesday thing, remember that the person taking your order sometimes has to put up with Jerk and company….be better than Jerk and company.  What’s your Tuesday jayum?! Let me know and let’s do Tuesday, pour another cup and turn the radio up……yup.



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