Good Morning! Hope the storms didn’t hit you too hard yesterday, this morning is when I got it.  I just looked at the forecast, seems the weather will be better at least through the weekend.  Great news! The countdown to outside is 16 days!!! I needed a pick me up. It’s been a few days since I’ve said this but, a big thank you to all essential workers!!  A lot of you are going above and beyond and it’s appreciated!

With all of this inside time, I’ve been listening to a lot of music, KDKS of course, streaming, and records.  The nostalgia added to the songs by the crackle and pop of a needle on vinyl gives a new perspective.  This one isn’t new but, I’m reminded of it by recent listening.

Graham Central Station, obviously derived from the bandleader Larry Grahams name, formed in the early 70s from fragments of Carlos Santana’s band, Sly and The Family Stone, and Jefferson Starship.  Probably a weird collection by today’s standards, they meshed well though.  It was rock but, it was also R&B, and even gospel.  The above pic, is their most popular cut, and my jam.  I’ve known the words to this song since I was about 7.  It’s a group effort, multiple voices, no real lead and, perfect.  If you listen closely, you may do what I do and draw comparisons to Prince and The Revolution. Prince said as much himself and many have noted the influence of Sly and The Family Stone on his music but, this song, even the casual listener can find the evidence.  I saw it early on, and wasn’t surprised to find out that the first band His Royal Purple Badness put together was called Grand Central.  I could go on and on but, I wont. Take a listen here and see how you feel.

Wear a mask outside, wash your hands, keep the six feet, have the dopest of Humpdays!!  Pour another cup and turn your radio up…..yup.


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