A ball swishes through the net at a basketball game in a professional arena

Good morning!! Love this midweek break coming up.  What are your plans? Remember, stay hydrated and don’t drink and drive….holiday stuff.  If you’re an NBA fan of any team other than The Lakers or The World Champion Golden State Warriors (guess what team I’m a fan of) it’s been a boring free agency period for you.  Look, growing up in The Bay Area, I can help but be a Warrior fan but, it seems the parity in the league is gone.  I blame LBJ and his Miami decision for starting us along this slippery slope.  Maybe a surprise group of young players will emerge from a couple of other teams and make the upcoming season competitive.  I’m actually loving this baseball season…Giants and the A’s are both competitive….I know many of you are excited about the pro football season, I can’t rock with the league…I’m thinking I’m going to sit another year out…how has that free agency period been for you?  Ok, it’s gonna be hot today (and grass is green) but, there is a slight chance for rain to cool us off a little today.  Let’s do Tuesday like a Friday…pour another cup and turn the radio up……yup.



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