Good morning!  Hope your weekend was dope!  Maaaan, I’m hella dreading that Swepco bill, and it looks like we have at least 2 more days of the brutal heat!  Yo!  Sunday morning, I spun wax with my coffee.  I have a David Ruffin collection(don’t ask), and I forgot about one cut in particular.  Harold Melvin and the Blue notes song ‘I Miss You’ is one of the greatest ballads ever but, have you heard Ruffin sing that song?  The dude already has a way to make pain sound sweet but, with slight dust rotating at 33 1/3 rpms he soars to new heights on a familiar cut and adds volume!  Anyway, if you get a chance to stream that version, it’s worth the wifi.  My timeline is in complete Back to School mode, lookin’ good for school year ’19.  Make sure you’re listening all week for your chance to score passes to the weekends Social Sessions! One final note,  I need to tell you guys….there’s no real soft way to say it.  CORNBREAD DOESN’T COMPLIMENT SPAGHETTI!! IT JUST DOESN’T!!!!

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