Good morning!! My Pop used to say, whenever someone sleeps all day or gets over an illness that ‘you’re back among the living.’   Today, I am back among the living, I really feel it today too.  Thursday morning I wasn’t….and I couldn’t tell anyone because my voice was gone.  Not that I was squeaking….it was gone.   I’ve watched more TV since Wednesday than any week this year combined.   Oh, the Nyquil dreams.   You know what I’m talking about, the weird dreams that are more vivid because of the dose of Nyquil.   I must admit, Nyquil sleep is really good sleep.  I’ve visibly lost weight and there’s a reason, every meal since Wednesday afternoon has been soup….well, all except one and, I wont count that one since it didn’t stay down.  This morning I got up, took a deep breath( basically just making sure I could breathe) and hoped out of bed.  I know cabin fever Yo.  Anyway, happy to be here, playing your favorite holiday jams so, pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup



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