Good morning!  I know, 6 shopping days until Christmas but, I’m already looking forward to N.Y.E….my favorite holiday.  I love that day even if I don’t do anything but watch sports, news and, eat.  I have memories of that day in Hawaii, Japan, The Philippines, Vegas, San Francisco, Oakland, ah…yeah…and Shreveport.  There’s a big party around every corner…I’ve done big, small, with dates, without, with family, without, and in front of the TV (the weather was terrible that year) and I loved every one.  If you’re reading this and you’ve ever been a part of my NYE…thanks for the memories.  My plans?  Tentative plans but nothing solid…and I’m good with that.  What are you doing? What NYE traditions do you have?  To the ‘Black eyed peas’ eaters…enjoy your bowl.  I know some people that eat crazy parts of pigs…to you I say….’eewwwww’ but still, enjoy.   I found some vacation days in my pocket so, I’m going to put them to use and enjoy all of the days..Oh and gas is below 1.90!!!!!!  Pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup.



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