Good morning!!  How was your weekend?  Warriors have won so, all good for me.  Saturday morning , did the Lupus Walk…I was late but, still got my steps in, great event!  Saturday afternoon, too much day partying, crawfish and pineapples for the first time…..impressive, and way too much to wash them down with!!! ….I missed two events Saturday eve but, I got to see the Warriors win so, wash?  Sunday morning, coffee and then to the office for a few.  Sunday afternoon, farewell get together with co-workers again, too much day partying.  Sunday eve, finally I make an event that I committed to….late though, hella late.  Watched the double OT thriller (when I was supposed to be napping) and of course late night, I was working at The Hustler Club…oh…stay tuned for up coming events there, summer should be hot!!  Aight, pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup.