Donell Jones Gets Into Car Accident After Falling Asleep While Driving

Donell Jones was recently involved in a car accident after he fall asleep behind the wheel. Donell was not injured or hurt by this incident, but he did offer some further clarification about the accident on IG. He said, “I fell asleep while driving yesterday and ended up in a ditch.” He continued, “I walk away with no injuries, but I learned a valuable lesson, That if you’re tired, just park the car ’cause this could’ve been bad.” He added, “I know that I am truly protected, but I needed this experience…. Thank you, God, for wrapping your arms around me as you have always done… My love and loyalty is to you.” Donell also posted pictures of his vehicle in the ditch and what his car looked like in the aftermath. How did you get over your PTSD from being involved in a car accident? How long did it take you to feel comfortable driving again?