Autumn season is here! Homeowner raking a pile of fall leaves in their backyard.

Good morning!! Hope your weekend was dope! I know it wasn’t dry.  So….Saturday was the official first day of Autumn, Fall, whatever you wanna call it.  Looking at the forecast it seems the weather is aware and acting accordingly.  I mean, there’s a lot of rain in the forecast but, temps are below 90 and really, when was the last time we could say that.  College football on the tube (the only kind of football for me, #teamKaep), late and post season baseball and, NBA pre season starts this week.  Here’s the only part I don’t like.  I hate leaving work and it’s already dark.  Daylight savings time is as outdated and as unnecessary as the electoral college….why do we hold on to stuff so long.  Look, I left the jherri curl and the shag back in the 80s ( I still sport Chuck Taylor’s though) surely the U.S. can find a way to get rid of these ancient traditions, observances, and laws.  Oh yeah, there is a way.  Tomorrow is national voter registration day.  If you haven’t already done so, I’m encouraging you to register.  Caddo residents can register here.  Bossier residents here.   Ok, let’s do Monday….what’s that Monday jayum?  318 320 1021 or slide in the DMs.  Pour another cup and turn the radio up……yup.



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