Recently, Tiffany Haddish was asked about her past relationship with Common and revealed that they probably would have never got together if it wasn’t for the lockdown. She said while promoting her new book, I Curse You With Joy, “I personally think that that relationship was a lot of fun. I had a very good time.” She continued, “The world was locked down, and I think if the world was wide open, I woulda been in the streets. I wouldn’t have been in that relationship at all.” She added, “I had a good time. I appreciate him. I learned a lot, amen. I probably won’t be sleeping with no more celebrities. OK, I’m lying. Ima probably f—k on a few of them, but I won’t be in no relationship.” Many people online are convinced that Tiffany is still pining for Common because she has brought up this past relationship numerous times. One person said, “He would have been in the streets. You were crazy over him. He was there for a good time not a long time.”

Do you think Tiffany Haddish is wrong for constantly referencing her past relationship with Common in interviews? Why or why not?