First letter of 2018!

Dear Foxx

I am a happily married woman to a really good man. But, the more time passes his ex’s keep reaching out. We have been married now for 5 years, his kids are not just grown, and they are old! 24 and 30 to be exact! So, what is the deal with the ex? She still feels like they should have some type of connection! I have always had trust issues and my husband and I have met at a happy place with my issues and his. But this WilderBeast from the past won’t adhere to the boundaries! My husband is a gentleman and I don’t want that to change. But, I feel that they should only have a reason to talk if the kids are incapacitated and can’t speak for themselves. The saying goes nothing fits like old gloves and old lovers! My sister feels I’m being silly and should just ignore her, but ignoring her for 5 years has not made a difference. Should I step in and say to the Ex what only a grown woman can say?


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