Flavor Flav has pledged to support the US women’s water polo team before the 2024 Olympics in Paris, sending each player $1,000 and a Virgin Voyage cruise ship trip after the games. Flav told CBS Mornings presenters Nate Burleson, Gayle King, and US women’s water polo captain Maggie Steffens about his proposal. Steffens said on Instagram in May that “most Olympians need a 2nd (or 3rd) job to support chasing the dream,” including herself, resulting in the odd alliance. Despite not knowing much about water polo before viewing Steffens’ post, Flav praised her and her team’s determination and effort in their first interview. Steffens was “surprised” by Flav’s backing, but she called the connection “beautiful,” noting, “he’s really opened up a lot of doors and truly been a hype man for us. It’s amazing.”  The US women’s water polo team is seeking a fourth straight gold medal, and Flav promises to “be there at the opening games and cheer[ing] them on.”

If you could compete in the Olympics, which sport would you play?