Good morning!!!  Happy Tuesday, first regular work week for me since…eh, I don’t wanna talk about it.  When I got back from vacation, one of the first calls I got was from my friend Steven Knight , inviting me to the 2020 Society of The Golden Forks Dinner Series.  This is more than just an eating event, it ‘s a contest between some of the premiere <(I spelled that correctly on the first try!!) chefs in our area.  Now, you can find more info on the series here .  Hey, you wanna go?  Well, Steven gave me an extra pair of tix so……  You know what, let’s do this a little differently.  Twitter and Instagram fam, go follow @albjam now  and of course, listen and I’ll drop a clue on how you can get these extra tix!! I think I’m supposed to do some sort of disclaimer…eh, just google the tix and you’ll see how ‘exclusive’ this event is.  Let’s do Tuesday, pour another cup and turn you radio up…..yup.

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