Happy Birthday Marines!!!

So…today, you’ll probably see a bunch of people that may not even know each other yell ‘Happy Birthday’ to one another…they’re not crazy…kinda, they’re United States Marines!!!!  It is the 242nd bday of the Corps, most of us (Marines, present and former) regardless of political leanings, are proud to have earned the title ‘Marine.’  Tun Tavern (yes the Corps was started in a bar) Philadelphia, PA 10 November 1775…you have to say ’10 November’ too, saying November 10th…just isn’t the same.  Anyway, since it’s the last weekend of the fair and, I found an extra family four pack, listen up for your chance to snag it from me.  Let’s do #flashbackfriday , pour another cup and turn your radio up….yup.



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