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Good morning!  Happy Humpday! Day in and day out, we try to give you your favorite #RnB to use however you please.  Rhythm and Blues, why do we call it that?  Great description of the genre but why is it called that?  As we continue to send positive vibes toward the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, it’s fitting because she’s closely connected to the term.  Ten years ago today, Jerry Wexler , writer, music producer, and label head of Atlantic Records died.  Wexler was a writer out of college and landed a gig at Billboard magazine.  Before Wexler, the genre that we know and love was in some areas called ‘race music.’  Wexler didn’t believe that term suited the music and coined the phrase ‘Rhythm and Blues’ which over time was shortened to #RnB.  You can read more about Wexler here.   Now, what’s that Wednesday jayum?  Ready for Social Sessions Trilogy passes?  Alright, let’s do it 320 1021 , lock that in.  Pour another cup and turn the radio up……yup.



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