Good Evening (this said good morning when I started it)!!  Hope Humpday finds you in good spirits. I’m feeling fortunate that I get to go to work, play your favorite songs and, talk to you.  I want to say ‘THANK YOU!!!!‘ to all of the service workers, first responders, government workers and, everyone that gets up every morning and helps to make these times a little more like normal. I have a greater appreciation for everyone and their daily grind then ever before.

So, my social media game is average at best.  Nah…it’s average at average. I was an Instagram ‘user’ but, now I think…I just post enough for the app to know that I’m not dead. Facebook, that’s where I connect with Family, former Marines, and a few friends, mostly to connect in real life.  There are other apps on my phone, TikTok, Snapchat, some that don’t even exist anymore, I should really do a purge. Then, there’s Twitter.

According to the Twitter App, our relationship started back in  ’09.  I’m pretty sure I’ve opened the app 70% of the days since the first time.  I don’t always tweet but, to stroll the timeline (I follow everyone, no rhyme or reason) is like walking down a real street with different shops, residences, and even clubs/bars that all have the door open.  I think, if it exists, you can find it on Twitter.  I’ve been made to realize that it’s lost some of it’s popularity, I just don’t get it. I mean, I get caught up sometimes.  Subject after subject after subject and already formatted for my short attention span.

If you haven’t been on the app in a while, I recommend it.  Now, gotta warn you, you have to set it up for your best experience…. if you don’t like profanity, nudity, etc set filters.  Oh…and find me at @albjam, hope you have a great experience with it!

Tomorrow is #throwbackthursday see you at 9am.

Two Fingaz

Al. B!