New court documents show Jeannie Mai rejecting Jeezy’s accusation that she’s gatekeeping their daughter during their divorce. She says she’s attempting to keep the baby safe. The talk show host refuted Jeezy’s claim that she is interfering with his time with their 1-year-old Monaco in her most recent filing, which TMZ obtained. Jeannie says she wants Jeezy in their daughter’s life and has granted him all the dates he’s requested, including an extended Christmas break. Jeezy filed fresh documents at the same time Jeannie responded to his divorce petition, in which she seemed to imply he had cheated, which violates their prenup. He claimed she was preventing him from seeing Monaco often. Jeannie disagrees and wants the judge to send them to mediation instead of a temporary custody hearing. She’s also requesting that all firearms be safely locked away and trained caregivers be around their daughter.

Who do you think caused the divorce? Jeannie or Jeezy?