Kenya Moore Slams Sanya Richards-Ross As Insensitive for Saying Kenya Uses Her Divorce as an Excuse

Nothing gets the ladies going like a trip and that’s what is happening in Jamaica with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sanya invited the women to Jamaica and planned activities for them with the understanding that she is there for a job with iFit. The first day Kenya was two hours to their trip to Kingston and Sanya was frustrated as she had events planned for them. Kenya showed up on her own. Sanya pulled her to the side and shared her frustration about Kenya’s lateness. Kenya told Sanya she’s having issues with her divorce and how daughter Brooklyn doesn’t want to see her father. During confessional Sanya complained Kenya uses her divorce as an excuse for everything. Kenya wrote on Twitter, that’s so insensitive and nasty. I was trying to confide in her and she trashed me in her confessional. Who are you siding with on this one, Kenya or Sanya?