Good afternoon, we’re closing in on the looong weekend!   Winter holidays often include spirits so, I imagine ride sharing will be peaking.  I’ve used Uber and Lyft quite a bit and was really excited when they got to Shreveport.  I have friends and family that drive for one or the other or both and am occasionally treated to funny and sometimes horrifying stories.  After hearing some of those stories, I headed to the spot where I was sure I could find more…..the internet.  OMG!!  There are sites and articles dedicated to everything ride share, etiquette, coupon codes (I’ve yet to find any that work), horror stories, hookups, and even love stories.  After visiting those sites, I’ve come to the conclusion that my ride sharing experiences have been at best …..boring.  I see I have to step my game up…and I’m a 5 star rider on both sites.  Well, your boy doesn’t quit and, I hate to be the only person at the bar without a story to tell so….this holiday season, I’m gonna get some Uber and Lyft chronicles and share them, right here with you!  What’s the most interesting ride sharing story you have?  Has an Uber ride ever turned into a date?   How about a reunion?  Has a driver ever provided a service above and beyond…like snacks?  Comment below and let’s discuss tomorrow.  Have the dopest of Tuesdays.


Al. B!    yup



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