Good morning!  To my nerdy Star Wars loving brethren, May the 4th be with you!  I think this is the last week to win with the code words.  Make sure you’re tuned in every day starting at 7 am.  Hope your weekend was a good one, the weather sure was nice.  Significant rain chances return later in the week so, enjoy the warmth and sunshine while you can.  Ok, here’s a casualty of the quarantine… Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday are BOTH tomorrow.  Tequila and Taco combo lovers, you understand. Speaking of that, we’re on the downhill swing of all of this, eleven days until outside is reopened.  Let’s finish strong by staying in compliance with the governors quarantine extension.  If you’re celebrating a birthday today, you’re in good company, see the list below.  Pictured, today Nickolas Ashford would be celebrating birthday #79.  Ashford and Simpson were absolutely one of the best song writing duos in RnB history!   Let’s get down to the real question, is Nicks perm the best male perm in RnB history?!  Pour another cup and turn the radio up…….yup.


Who had the best male perm in RnB history?

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Celeb bdays

Katherine Jackson, Ron Carter, Tyrone Davis,  Nickolas Ashford , Jackie Jackson, Jidenna