Traffic rain

Good morning!! Loving the weather? I mean, this unstable…what’s gonna happen, how do I dress to go outside collection of sunny, rainy, windy and just dayum hot.  If so, good…because today is going to be more of the same…and tomorrow, and Thur…you get the picture.  I read that there’s a 40% chance of afternoon thunderstorms so…what’s that really mean?  A couple of drops and then extra humidity?  Maybe it means monsoon like downpours.  I think meteorology is the art of determining the possibilities and then reporting the worse case scenario.   Is there a meteorologist hall of fame?  Like has any single meteorologist been correct about a forecast maybe 50% of the time?  Is that too high of a number?  In baseball if you get a hit 33% of the time you’re hall of fame worthy…what’s the number for weather men/women?  Who sets the standard?   Remember Willard Scott?  Al Roker?  I can’t think of any more name drop worthy than them….I can’t remember how accurate they were though.  Anyway…here’s a guarantee…..the coffee will be hot (I made it) and so will the jayums so, pour another cup and turn the radio up…and listen for more details on Social Sessions Pt II…..yup.



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