Just Blaze has revealed that JAY-Z’s 2001 hit “Girls, Girls, Girls” contains a Michael Jackson-assisted version, which the legendary producer didn’t discover until nearly 20 years later. Blaze says he found the session over quarantine, proving to himself and others that the collaboration actually exists and isn’t an urban myth. “So one day, I was looking for something on the server, and I find this folder that says MJ vocals. And I’m like, ‘MJ? Don’t [sic] that mean Michael Jackson? Oh, whatever.’ And I’m thinking it’s probably stuff from – remember Jay had the ‘Rock My World’ [song]? So I’m thinking it’s, like, takes from that session,” Blaze told Bloomberg Originals, “Idea Generation.” “And I realize as I’m listening to it, it’s him singing on ‘Girls, Girls, Girls.’ And I’m like, it’s true! Like I never…the last 20 years… I just found it during quarantine. So all these years, I’ve never known it was actually a real thing. And turns out the files had been sitting downstairs this entire time,” reveals Blaze.  If Michael Jackson was alive, who would you have liked to hear him collaborate with?

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