Good morning!! Maaaaan, last night, I just have to come to the realization that I’m just not built for ‘no sleep’ life.  I didn’t leave the office until almost six, grabbed a meal before heading home.  This is how I know I’m still suffering from drivers fatigue, I sat down turned on the Roku stick and …well….that’s what I woke up looking at 3a.m. The Roku home screen.  I know I had plans, I apologize.  So, this is probably the last week that crawfish will be available in our area.  Ok, ok, this is probably the last week that crawfish that weren’t frozen will be available in our area.  I only know of 2 places still selling.  I’ve come a long way in my consumption.  I used to participate in the contest at Mudbug Madness every year and, that would be the only time I would eat them.  For the last 3 years or so, I’ve probably averaged about twice a week during the season.  Yup.  In your opinion, how was the season?  What was your favorite spot?  One more time for the 4th? Pour another cup and turn the radio up……yup.

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