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Good morning!! Happy Hump Day!  Been checkin’ you out on social media…new kings of #Rnb….indeed.  Y’all know how I feel about Robert Kelly so, he’s a no for me dawg.  Now, who really does sit on the throne as the king of #RnB?  I’ve seen the collage of the singers you have to chose from… let’s make them the ‘Royal Court’ and move away from this argument and pose another question… Has there EVER been a real king of #RnB?  I mean, James Browns title was ‘Godfather’, MJ was the ‘King of Pop’, in my opinion though…he reigned over the #RnB world too.  Rick James was the King of Punk Funk and…well Prince was just ‘His Royal Badness’ but, his name I thought was also his title.  I had this conversation with a coworker yesterday, I remember Whitney calling Bobby Brown the king and, maybe he did have a short reign but, his debut album kinda cemented his title as ‘King of The Stage’ so…..   where does that leave us?   If there was a ‘King of #RnB’ what would the qualifications be?  Album sales?  Chart topping singles?  Sold out concerts?  Robert Kelly would absolutely qualify if those are the prerequisites but, in my opinion we’d have to overthrow the king because of um…..transgressions.  Lemme leave you with something….there was an artist that released an album in 2016 that topped the #RnB charts for 21 weeks, almost half of 2017 and I didn’t see his name mentioned in any of the social media arguments.  So….is the ‘Queen’ spot up for debate?! Asking for the #Beehive. Pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup



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