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Good morning!! Guess who’s back?! I’ve been MIA on these blogs but, I have a good reason.  Let’s say, I have a good reason for ME but, you may not think so and, that’s all good.  An office became vacant and, I jumped on the opportunity to have an office by myself.  I’ve been sharing an office for many of the years that I’ve been here.  Well, the office had to be cleaned out first…and I know, that seems like a trivial thing but, this office needed a lot of work.  A LOT OF WORK!!   After cleaning the office, had to move…that part didn’t take long.  I guess I still have some of that Marine Corps training in me because, I couldn’t leave my old space without making sure whoever was next didn’t have to deep clean just to move in…..some things I just need to let go. Finally, after moving in, I had to wait for the station engineer to get me hooked up to the network.  The last of that happened yesterday afternoon and I’m here enjoying my office…by myself.  Word.  What’s good?  #RnB birthdays today…Ricky Bell of New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe, and now RBRM fame, Jada Pinkett Smith(she has an album…remember?).  Let’s do Tuesday!! Tune in each hour for the Free Cash Contest code word, lemme know your Tuesday jayum. OH!! in case you didn’t know, the streaming via website AND app is 100% operational so, log on, pour another cup and turn your radio up……yup.



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