Good morning!  Hope your morning is off to a great start, if not, pour another cup and turn the radio up!   We’re in this thing together Yo!! Wear your mask, distance, wash your hands and, if you wanna give dap, just elbow bump….please.   I’ve talked to a few social media connections that have posted pics of themselves outside and asked them to describe the experience.  I had to ask because, I’m still inside as much as I can be.  I did however ride my bicycle a few miles yesterday.  One friend described his barbershop experience as eerie.  Missing was the usual loud banter, replaced by fewer voices that were muffled through masks.  He described the slight anxiety when his mask straps were moved to accommodate the clippers and more empty seats than he can recall in a few years.   One IG friend, who is all to familiar with the worst parts of this pandemic posted a picture of herself getting a pedicure.  She shared that she and the workers were in masks, the were taking appointments only and they even took her temperature at the beginning of the process.  One of my co workers and her husband posted a pic of them at a local eatery, she stated that seating was staggered and….well, you can’t eat AND wear a mask but, she noticed a lot more safety measures in place.  It’s good to know that businesses and patrons alike are practicing a safe return.   I read  where buffet style restaurants are changing some things up in preparation to re open.  This seems like the new normal for the foreseeable future.  There seems to be a better supply of hand sanitizers and masks and…..toilet paper available in our area, that’s positive.  If you have a reopening story to share, hit my DMs  @albjam on Twitter and IG.


Celeb Bdays include Malcolm X and Lorraine Hansberry.


Have you started to visit more places since Phase 1 started?

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