Good morning! Hope your weekend was as dope!  Every year, I get together with a bunch of marines that I served with in Hawaii and, this was that weekend.  There was a slight disappointment that a few of them didn’t make the trip but, the trio that did, we always have a good time together.  We try to pick an interesting spot every year, I wasn’t in on the planning last year so, this years destination of South Padre Island, TX was a little underwhelming but, I was eager to see my friends.   First things first…. I was wrong about South Padre… I loved that joint!!  Maaan, seafood (y’all know me), sun, beaches….great bars.  It was just a good time all around.  I must admit it was a bit warm but, shout out to my friends on picking a great spot.  Did you know there’s a fireworks show almost every night there?  You like live music and DJs(of course you do), there’s plenty of that, all up and down the island.  One more thing…fellas….the women…..yup. Oh, and check this out, there was even a ‘goodbye sunset'(the pic maaaan)  on my way out.  One bit of advice, don’t drive unless you have a co driver.  If I had to do the trip all over again,  I’d change that, I would’ve flown.  Ok, I’m rebooted,  good to be back, it’s Missy Elliott’s birthday , what’s your fave by the bday girl?!  Pour another cup and turn your radio up…….yup.