Good morning!  Today is my last day as a ??year old and …..I must admit…I’m hella disappointed in myself.  Just two years ago, I was Mr Out Every Night…working out at least 3 times a week, riding my bicycle at least 40 miles a week and shedding lbs like good cheese.  Today I must admit, I’m not that.  When I go out now, the next day is absolutely reserved for recovery.  I haven’t worked out in 2019….2018s record was kinda shabby too.  My bicycle?! Two flat tires and, I think I saw cobwebs.  My place was immaculate, I wouldn’t do it but, eating off the floors wouldn’t get you sick.  Today, let’s just say, you couldn’t tell a former marine lives there.  I think my couch has a permanent ‘me print’ on it….I actually watch TV now.  I promise just two short years ago, ‘Atlanta’, ‘Insecure’ and sports when a Bay Area team was playing…that’s IT!!!  I used to be EVERYWHERE…now, I’m waaaay too easy to find.  I kinda treat my bday as a second New Years Day…so….I’m making this resolution, I’m going to do better.  Much better.  I started today.  You really wanna know what sparked this?!  I went to visit my mother (also a former marine) this weekend and, she pointed to my gut and gave me THAT look.  Parents.  Anyway…let’s do Tuesday.   I got your ‘refund before your refund’ code words!  Pour another cup and turn the radio up….yup.