Good morning!  It’s the bday week for the kid, another trip around the sun complete in just hours!  Having a bday in the beginning of the year is like doing New Year twice…for me anyway.  If there’s any resolution to be made, I wait til the bday.  No, I haven’t made any…well, except to get back to me.  Hope your weekend was dope.  I ate a burger at a local fundraiser, went to visit my mother and really not much else.  I’ll do a little celebrating this weekend and then, back to biz.  You wanna see where I’m going? What I’m doing? Follow Yo! @albjam on twitter and Instagram.  Hey!! The contest is winding down so, make sure you’re listening for the word every hour so, you can get that refund before the refund!  Oh…and if you happen to win, I miss  you, we don’t hang out enough!  Let’s do Monday.  Pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup!

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