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Robert F. Smith Pays Off Graduating Class Student Loans

The 2019 graduating class of long standing HBCU Morehouse College got way more than what they bargained for this past Sunday. Expectations were high and smiles were wide on graduation day, as is typical on days such as those. Long hours of studying, countless hours doubled over books, formulas, and flash cards have led up to this moment where your toil has not been in vain and the light has appeared at the end of the tunnel. If graduating is the sundae, then billionaire Robert F. Smith is the chocolate syrup, nuts, whip cream, AND the cherry on top as he gifted the entire graduating class a zero-balance on their student loans. As part of his commencement speech, Smith who amassed his fortune by starting a private equity firm that invests in tech and software companies, made the announcement that since the 2019 graduating class was HIS class, he would pay off their student debt! This announcement sent ripples effects nationwide due to the fact that millennials in this country are having kids later and not buying homes due to the crippling effect of student loans. Join me in thanking Mr. Smith for being an example and proving that we are stronger together! The final tally of debt to be paid….40 million dollars!

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