Good morning!!! Yeah, nothing to do, no place to go so, I guess I can drop a few lines.  I  think I’ve taken the unpopular attitude towards our weather.  It’s been years since this area has seen anything like this(I’ve NEVER seen it) and, it’ll probably be years before it’s like this again.  I’m enjoying it.  Not to say I’m out here on skis or, having snowball fights.  I have however, enjoyed putting on winter gear and sipping my coffee outside.  People are being hella nice, I walked to the grocery store…about 3 blocks and not one but, two strangers offered me a ride.  That was unexpected, I’m a 6′!” Black man,  don’t get offered a whole lot of rides #highlandgonnahighland I guess.  I was surprised by the number of people on the road too.   While I’m at it, shout out to the emergency workers and first responders, I can appreciate that your experience isn’t a leisurely as mine.  Oh yeah!  My picture. I saw this at the supermarket, I just wondered where would this guy be going, surely not to get in water?!  I posted it to social media and was informed that a kayak is the most fun you could have in the snow.  I filed it under ‘stuff I’ll just have to take their word on.’  Working from home today…ain’t…well, wasn’t that bad until I got that SWEPCO call, letting me know they’re gonna pull the plug for a few.   I’m charging devices as I type this.  I guess I can’t complain, up to this point, or the point when they actually pull the plug, the power has been consistent here.  If you’re celebrating a bday, you share your day with Lenny Williams, James Ingram, and Ice T.  Lemme wrap this up, in case the power cuts, I’ll be back, not like I have somewhere else to be.  Keep it on your Radio Choice and absolutely check the FB page as we’ll be updating as information becomes available.   Have the dopest of Tuesdays!!

Al. B!


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