Tamar Braxton has had a rough couple of years going through emotional and physical turmoil.

She is turning that darkness into two new albums that she has been working on for the past year.

Tamar said in a recent interview, “I’ve said this before, this is my best work yet, but this is my best Tamar yet, so therefore this is my super best work yet. This is me living in my truth, being this new Tamar, this newfound relationship with myself, and I’m really loving the music that’s coming out of me now.”

She continued, “I do definitely speak about those dark times and definitely those times where I needed help and didn’t know how to cry out for it. And so it’s a lot of inspirational, magical songs that will really help people who don’t know who to turn to and needs to be healed and don’t know how to heal.”

How do you cope during dark times? Do you meditate? Do you see a therapist?