Christmas decoration

Good afternoon!  The other day on the air, Ferrari asked me what my favorite Christmas song was.  Enthusiastically I answered ‘Little Christmas Tree’ by The Jackson 5.  Growing up, December 1st was the day my mother broke out the Christmas albums.  One album stood out from the rest…actually, if I’m honest, I don’t remember any of the other albums, The Motown Christmas album, it is the primary way I know all Christmas songs.   My favorite song is on that album.  You know how these songs have been around forever and usually someone else did it first?  I had to do a little research and got a bit of a shock when I found out the origins of this song.  When you get a chance google ‘Artie Wayne’ , I assure you he’s written at least one song that you love.  Artie is one of the writers of that song , the other is one of my favorite artists of all time, George Clinton of P-Funk fame.  There’s nothing specifically ‘funky’ about that song, it’s actually more sing songy, and bubble gum sounding …I mean,  it IS the Jackson 5.  I’ve listened to the song 10 times since I gained that information!!  What’s your favorite?  Why?  I’m sharing this…well…because they make me blog but, I kinda got a kick out of this….listen to the song here , if you feel….can you hear the P Funk influence?  Me either.  Have the dopest of Tuesdays.



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