The Weekend

What a dope weekend weather wise,  rode my bicycle all over downtown and listened to some music that I’d been intending to pay more attention to.  Our listeners are good for suggesting music that I may have overlooked or taken for granted.  I know when someone calls and says something like ‘Al B..since you like such and such, you should give this a listen’ that they don’t think I’m going to actually listen but, I do.   I’m not going to get too in depth but, Daleys’ new project, aptly titled ‘The Spectrum’ is pure RnB dopeness.  I was impressed by the lead single ‘Until The Pain is Gone’ featuring Jill Scott but, honestly I wasn’t expecting much more.  I downloaded the project before the bike ride and had to stop a couple of times to bookmark songs to listen to again after the ride!  Let’s make a long story short….I hella recommend this project.  My favorite cut on the cd…’Sympathy’, sneaky jam….’Slow Burn.’  Join me at 9am, I’ll have your KDKS paycheck codeword!! Have the dopest of Mondays.



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