Good Tuesday morning!  We’re looking at some stormy weather today, some possibly severe so, prepare for that.  Looks like an extra two weeks of quarantine in place, just my opinion but, great call governor.  I’m going to use the extra two weeks to prepare for the transition, how about you?

Since our quarantine, I’ve used the Waitr app quite a bit.   Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of cooking too, especially breakfast (that’s my post quarantine weight gain disclaimer), I doubt it’s a secret that I’m a fan of local eateries/breweries/bars. I can’t imagine being free from quarantine in Shreveport and not being able to have my comforts so, support I did.  Now…Waitr absolutely makes me feel like I wasn’t as good at math as I once thought.  No really, I see the price, add it up in my head and imagine a total.  It’s never the same as Waitr for the record, I think Instacart uses the same math.  Like 2 Items, 16.99 each, plus tax….55 buck!!! I appreciate the drivers for all they do though so, I’ll keep my complaints to this space right here.  If I’m honest, all of the drivers/shoppers have been nice, careful, and accurate with my shopping/orders.

Make sure you’re listening all day for the code words, could mean a grand for you.  Pour another cup and turn your radio up.  Yup.  Have the dopest of Tuesdays.