Good morning!  Well, we got through Monday, easy trick for me, it was a half day.  Keeping with promises, time to review an app that I downloaded at the suggestion of my daughter.  Instacart let’s you link to shoppers in the area at your local grocery store and have your selected items delivered within the hour.  While my initial reaction to such a thing was ‘I’ll never be THAT lazy’, the more my daughter pressed, the more I could see the benefits of such an app.  I headed to the Play Store and downloaded the app, it’s a decent sized app.  The sign up is pretty simple, choose a local grocery store and a payment method and, you’re ready to go.  Now, actually shopping seems like something that takes a little getting used to.  Oh, let me add that they offer free delivery at intervals that I haven’t figured out yet.  The shopping SEEMED easy enough, items w/ pics and scrolling to allow you to pick the quantity of such items…..although it doesn’t always work w/ produce ( I saw a pic of a banana, picked 1 and…. I was delivered 1 banana…not one bunch but, 1 banana).  You have to be careful to check your cart at check out too, I know I got double on a couple of items, I’m going to say that was my fault for rushing.  I probably could’ve avoided both incidents as there IS an option to communicate with your shopper.   I was under the impression that my groceries were going to be dropped off on the porch but, the delivery woman rang the doorbell and waited ( I was in the shower and had to get decent so, it was a fairly long wait for her).  She handed me my groceries bag by bag and was quite pleasant.  Even after I checked my order, found the few discrepancies I still tipped her, in app option, and was mostly satisfied.  If you’re the busy type or just hate walking around the grocery store, I’d recommend Instacart….it seems the prices are in line w/ the store advertised prices.  I’m gonna give it 3 1/2 outta 5 stars.  Let’s do Tuesday.  Pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup.

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