Good morning!  Look, I’m supposed to leave something here every day…I know, I’m not doing such a good job and, really don’t have anything to pen today so, let’s play wayback machine.  On this day 20 years ago, the number one song in the format was ‘The First Night’ by Monica.  It was a good week for her because down at number 5 was her duet with Brandy “The Boy is Mine.”  If you go back 30 years New Edition was on top with “If It Isn’t Love”.  Speaking of New Edition,tonight may be the night we find out the truth about Roni! Are you going to be in front of the screen tonight when ‘The Bobby Brown Story’ airs on BET?  Critics are already saying it’s explosive and revealing.  I’m told Whitney Houston has never been portrayed this way.  I’ve always been a Bobby Brown fan, read his autobiography twice, I’m interested to see how close this biopic comes to the story told in the book.  What’s your favoring Bobby cut? Let me know, 318 320 1021. Pour another cup and turn the radio up…..yup.



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